Classic Series Door

Made with high quality SENDORA 6S Vinyl surface, SENDORA 6S Vinyl is designed to match both luxury and performance in a door. With a unique and advanced design, SENDORA 6S Vinyl remain as one of the most economical wood based interior flush door preferred by architects and designers alike.

Key Features
  • Need No Paint
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Crack Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Surface Waterproof
  • De-Lemination Free
3 Types Of Door Core Selection
Honeycomb Core
A Structure With Excellent Rigidity At Minimal Weight. Honeycomb Core Also Provides Excellent Heat Insulation And Prevents Distortion Of Doors And Panels.
Solid Tubular Core
A Technology From Germany And It Provides An Ideal Combination Of Light Weight And Stability. The Weight Is Reduced Up To 40% Compare To Solid Timber And It Provide Easily 30 Minutes Of Fire Protection To The Door. This Impressive Fact Proves That High Quality Doors Do Not Have To Be Heavy.
Solid Timber Core
A Door Core Structure Completely Filled With Solid Timber And Acoustic Performance Improved. Our Solid Timber Core Adopts Kiln Dry Technology, Which Can Provide Strong, Solid And Good Sound Insulation Effect.
Sendora Vinyl Laminate Description & Unique Selling Point
  • SENDORA ECO HDMR Board Comes From The Local Authority’s Social Plantation Forestry And Grown Near The Manufacturer Site. The Mode Of Felling And Planting Is Cycled To Maintain The
  • Natural Ecology
  • EUROPE , US & JAPAN Standard E1 Ure Formaldehyde Grade
  • Low Emissions Resin
  • Sirim Tested And Passed
All SENDORA 6S Classic Series Doors Are Available On Below Decorative Design