EasyKey Alpha

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Philips EasyKey Alpha
Push Pull Smart Door Lock
Wonderful life starts from α
Full automatic: more safety, more freedom

With the simplicity brought by speedy unlock and auto lock and the safety ensured by dual verification and C-grade lock cylinder, Alpha is a solid choice for smart life. The ergonomics design even makes it a pleasure to push the door open.
Easykey Alpha
Push-pull smart door lock
Full auto mortise
System wake-up by manual touch
Manual or auto mode
Dual verification mode
Product Features
Push-pull handle, brings you easy & fast intuitive door opening experience
Push-pull handle design simplifies door using steps by replacing with a push or pull. Definitely helps you to reduce the waste of time caused by the handle and giving you an easy & fast intuitive experience.
Multiple alarm functions, protect home security at all time
Philips Alpha series is featured with all-around alarm functions which not only improves the anti-theft level of your home and safeguard you and your family in real-time, but also reminds you of the door lock status to create convenience for use.
Wireless network extension*, links to feature smart life
Connecting to the wireless network enables remote management of the door lock use & real-time monitoring of the door lock status. Access to the using log of the door lock at any time to realize personalized management of the smart door lock.
Hidden fingerprint sensor, swift recognition and extended lifetime of the sensor
The lock comes with a semiconductor fingerprint sensor which enables accurate and swift recognition, with an identification speed of less than 0.2 second. The sensor is hidden on the inside of the handle to effectively protect the sensor from malicious destruction and extend its lifetime.
One-touch outside forced lock, effectively warns of safety risks
When going out, you can touch the outside forced lock button to enable the outside forced lock function. Under outside forced lock mode, opening the lock from inside the room will trigger an alarm. This special feature can waen you of security risks & upgrade the level of home security.
Auto sensing awakens the lock, always waiting for your return
When someone approaches the lock, it will auto-sense humen body, the system will be awakened and touchpad will be lit up, waiting for your return. You can directly get identified & unlock the door without manually activating the system, giving you a fast & comfortable user-experience.
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